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Welcome to the Slick Wolf City

Join the citizenship and explore all the possibilities of the Web 3.0. We rely on our community and are determined to build a frontier brand together. We have shared passion for technology and style and exploring ways we could make an impact on the World through that. We invite you to plug into this journey with us.

Our Slick Wolf collection is more than just a cool piece of 3D art for your Social Media profiles. Your Slick Wolf is yours in the fullest sense, you have complete rights to do what you wish with it, including monetizing. It also serves as a Slick Wolf City members card, granting you exclusive access to growing over time benefits.

Slick Wolf  City Mall

Slick Wolf  City Mall

Slick Wolf city foundation starts at very heart of it - City Mall. Web 3.0 world has limitless possibilities and new experiences, and the Slick Wolf members card is the key to unlocking this world. As we are committed to exploring all the possibilities of the metaverse. Everything we create, will make it appearance to a virtual world through the metaverse. Being the part of the community, you will have access and impact to every piece of technology we create.

On this mission City Mall will be our take off point and a connection hub. It will help members to navigate around community events and get access to more areas as the city grows. This is why buying a Slick Wolf, you’re not getting just an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. Slick Wolf can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

Our journey

NFT collection
Slick Wolf is a collection of 10,000 unique programmatically generated NFT collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. It's created from over ??? manually drawn traits such as clothing, haircuts and accessories, fur, background color and more.
Slick Wolf Lounge is available for us to chill out and stay even stronger together. This is the place to hang out with other members, chat, build a network and possibly collaborate on Slick Wolf ventures together.
Whenever you’re after something stylish the shop will be offering a lot to explore. Everything you buy will be customizable and can be worn by both you and your wolf. We will allow everyone to take part in making designs and growing the Slick Wolf brand. You’d also be able to use our brands’ network to get things that are made specially for you.
As we see that privacy is a big concern of today's world we want to build a technology for sensitive data transfer so that we could stay safe and secure whenever you’re taking care about your health, finances, hose holding or any other area of your life impacted by the Internet
Charity & Impact
  • For every fundings raised we’re planning to make donations to kids in Ukraine. Furthermore we will be setting a charity fund to help children across the word.
  • We’re also determined to help community members, digital artists and technologists with fundraising to support their ideas.


Phase 1

NFT collection is revealed and sales started
10% of income generated is donated to support kids in Ukraine
Members get access to community socials

Phase 2

We acquire a space & start building the metaverse
Slick Wolf shop starts showcasing it's first collections
Community is engaged into building Slick Wolf brand

Phase 3

Start adoption of data security technology
The City Mall gets appearance
Slick Wolf Lounge is available for us to chill out and stay even stronger together
Community can order customized clothes from partners brands

Phase 4

Shop is available in the metaverse and more collections added
Sensitive data transfer technology is life
Community voting for other capabilities

The Pack

Slick Wolf City was created by friends who set out to make some awesome wolves, Test our skills, and try to build something (amazingly different).

The Governor

This Wolf has seen and done it all!  Now his days are to make sure Slick Wolf City provides for its inhabitants helping steer every Wolf to success both in the Metaverse and the physical world

Professor Dead Bones

The Governor's right hand Wolf!  Smooth and Slick, and available to help the community execute their ideas become a reality


Don't let her foxiness sway you. Foxy Dioxy to some or just Dioxy to her friends, is Slick Wolf City's top clothes designer.  Dioxy has been running her own global fashion line for the last X years and her mission is to ensure all the City's wolves always a dripping in max slick threads


You never promise something you can't do. Could not pass by the city building journey and now he prepares the ground to every plan we made. Spends weekends on a basketball playground practicing a jump shot for ages


Your chosen Wolf didn't look Slick just by chance - Kist'a is Slick Wolf City's artist extraordinaire, making sure every Slick Wolf is unique, just like you!


Obsessed with design and builds houses in a spare time. Guardian of the community voice. Will do everything to make the city the best place in the world


Our can do anything swiss knife wolf. Adores technology and spreads it's everywhere he goes to. So don't be surprised if one day your NFT will start making a coffee

Slick Wolf Collection Teaser

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